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    • 83 W, 1 ns, 3.1 MHz all-fiber laser for micromachining 

      Özgören, K.; Oktem, B.; Yilmaz, S.; Ömer Ilday F.; Pasin, E.; Eken, K. (2011)
      Fiber lasers are commonly used for various material processing applications. The advantages (such as simplicity of the system, high material removal rate) and disadvantages (larger heat-affected zone, reduced precision) ...
    • Non-thermal material and tissue processing with 100 MHz and 500 MHz repetition rate bursts 

      Kerse, C.; Kalaycioglu H.; Akaalan O.; Eldeniz, Y.B.; Ilday F.O.; Hoogland H.; Holzwarth, R. (IEEE Computer Society, 2013)
      There are a number of applications that would avail a pulse pattern in the form of closely grouped and uniformly spaced pulses, i.e., bursts [1]. Closely grouped pulses with pulse to pulse separation in the order of a few ...