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    • Inertial imaging with nanomechanical systems 

      Hanay, M. S.; Kelber, S. I.; O'Connell, C. D.; Mulvaney, P.; Sader, J. E.; Roukes, M. L. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      Mass sensing with nanoelectromechanical systems has advanced significantly during the last decade. With nanoelectromechanical systems sensors it is now possible to carry out ultrasensitive detection of gaseous analytes, ...
    • Parametric power spectral density analysis of noise from instrumentation in MALDI TOF mass spectrometry 

      Shin H.; Mutlu, M.; Koomen J.M.; Markey, M.K. (2007)
      Noise in mass spectrometry can interfere with identification of the biochemical substances in the sample. For example, the electric motors and circuits inside the mass spectrometer or in nearby equipment generate random ...