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    • Adaptive energy management for solar energy harvesting wireless sensor nodes 

      Aydin, Abdul Kerim (Bilkent University, 2018-09)
      Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) will have a key role in the upcoming era of the Internet of Things (IoT) as they will be forming the basis of communication infrastructure. Energy harvesting has been a widely used instrument ...
    • Dynamic wavelength allocation in IP/WDM metro access networks 

      Yetginer, Emre (Bilkent University, 2008)
      Increasing demand for bandwidth and proliferation of packet based traffic have been causing architectural changes in the communications infrastructure. In this evolution, metro networks face both the capacity and dynamic ...
    • Online learning in structured Markov decision processes 

      Akbarzadeh, Nima (Bilkent University, 2017-07)
      This thesis proposes three new multi-armed bandit problems, in which the learner proceeds in a sequence of rounds where each round is a Markov Decision Process (MDP). The learner's goal is to maximize its cumulative ...