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    • Main-chain polybenzoxazine nanofibers via electrospinning 

      Ertas, Y.; Uyar, Tamer (Elsevier, 2014-01-30)
      Here we report the successful production of nanofibers from main-chain polybenzoxazines (MCPBz) via electrospinning without using any other carrier polymer matrix. Two different types of MCPBz (PBA-ad6 and PBA-ad12) were ...
    • Polybenzoxazine-based nanofibers by electrospinning 

      Ertaş, Yelda; Uyar, Tamer (Elsevier Inc., 2017)
      In this chapter recent progress in the production of polybenzoxazine-based nanofibrous mats by electrospinning is highlighted. The benzoxazine monomers could easily form thermosetting polybenzoxazines by in situ thermally ...