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    • Room temperature scanning Hall probe microscopy using GaAs/AlGaAs and Bi micro-hall probes 

      Sandhu, A.; Masuda, H.; Oral, A.; Yamada, A.; Konagai, M. (Elsevier Science B.V., 2002)
      A room temperature scanning Hall probe microscope system utilizing GaAs/AlGaAs and bismuth micro-Hall probes was used for magnetic imaging of ferromagnetic domain structures on the surfaces of crystalline thin film garnets ...
    • System for MR image-guided prostate interventions: Canine study 

      Susil, R. C.; Krieger, A.; Derbyshire, J. A.; Tanacs, A.; Whitcomb, L. L.; Fichtinger, G.; Atalar, E. (Radiological Society of North America, Inc.Radiological Society of North America, Inc., 2003)
      The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the use of a transrectal system that enables precise magnetic resonance (MR) image guidance and monitoring of prostate interventions. The system used a closed-bore 1.5-T MR ...
    • Systematic study of adsorption of single atoms on a carbon nanotube 

      Durgun, E.; Dag, S.; Bagci, V. M. K.; Gülseren, O.; Yildirim, T.; Ciraci, S. (American Physical Society, 2003)
      We studied the adsorption of single atoms on a semiconducting and metallic single-wall carbon nanotube from first principles for a large number of foreign atoms. The stable adsorption sites, binding energy, and the resulting ...