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    • Analytical evaluation of the MoM matrix elements 

      Alatan, L.; Aksun, M. I.; Mahadevan, K.; Birand, M. T. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1996-04)
      Derivation of the closed-form Green's functions has eliminated the computationally expensive evaluation of the Sommerfeld integrals to obtain the Green's functions in the spatial domain. Therefore, using the closed-form ...
    • Compact and wideband CPW wilkinson power dividers for GaN MMIC applications 

      Sutbas, Batuhan; Özbay, Ekmel; Atalar, Abdullah (IEEE, 2018)
      This paper presents two types of modified CPW Wilkinson power dividers at X-band using GaN MMIC technology on a SiC substrate. Lumped element equivalents of the transmission line arms are used and they are capacitively ...
    • A robust approach for the derivation of closed-form Green's functions 

      Aksun, M. I. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1996-05)
      Spatial-domain Green's functions for multilayer, planar geometries are cast into closed forms with two-level approximation of the spectral-domain representation of the Green's functions. This approach is very robust and ...