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    • Identification of materials with magnetic characteristics by neural networks 

      Nazlibilek, S.; Ege, Y.; Kalender O.; Sensoy, M.G.; Karacor, D.; Sazli, M.H. (2012)
      In industry, there is a need for remote sensing and autonomous method for the identification of the ferromagnetic materials used. The system is desired to have the characteristics of improved accuracy and low power ...
    • Numerical analysis for remote identification of materials with magnetic characteristics 

      Ege, Y.; Şensoy, M.G.; Kalender O.; Nazlibilek, S. (2011)
      There is a variety of methods used for remote sensing of objects such as acoustic, ground penetration radar detection, electromagnetic induction spectroscopy, infrared imaging, thermal neutron activation, core four-pole ...
    • PSAR: Power-source-aware routing in ZigBee networks 

      Tekkalmaz, M.; Korpeoglu I. (2012)
      ZigBee is a recent wireless networking technology built on IEEE 802.15.4 standard and designed especially for low-data rate and low-duty cycle applications such as home and building automation and sensor networks. One of ...