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    • Effective mass calculations for two-dimensional gas of dipolar fermions 

      Seydi, I.; Abedinpour, S. H.; Tanatar, Bilal (Springer New York LLC, 2017)
      We consider a two-dimensional system of ultracold dipolar fermions with dipole moments aligned in the perpendicular direction. We use the static structure factor information from Fermi-Hypernetted-Chain calculations to ...
    • Electrostatic force spectroscopy of near surface localized states 

      Dâna, A.; Yamamoto, Y. (Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd., 2005)
      Electrostatic force microscopy at cryogenic temperatures is used to probe the electrostatic interaction of a conductive atomic force microscopy tip and electronic charges trapped in localized states in an insulating layer ...
    • Non-linear thermoelectricity and cooling effects in metallic constrictions 

      Kulik, I. O. (Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd., 1994)
      Linear as well as non-linear contributions to the Zeebeck and Peltier coefficients of a metallic film in contact with the equilibrium metal are calculated within a simple model. The non-linear part of the thermoelectric ...