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    • Controlling active brownian particles in complex settings 

      Velu, Sabareesh K. P.; Pinçe, Erçağ; Callegari, Agnese; Elahi, Parviz; Gigan, S.; Volpe, Giovanni; Volpe, G. (OSA, 2017)
      We show active Brownian particles (passive Brownian particles in a bacterial bath) switches between two long-term behaviors, i.e. gathering and dispersal of individuals, in response to the statistical properties of the ...
    • Engineering sensorial delay to control phototaxis and emergent collective behaviors 

      Mijalkov, M.; McDaniel, A.; Wehr, J.; Volpe, G. (American Physical Society, 2016-01)
      Collective motions emerging from the interaction of autonomous mobile individuals play a key role in many phenomena, from the growth of bacterial colonies to the coordination of robotic swarms. For these collective behaviors ...