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    • A decoupled local memory allocator 

      Diouf, B.; Hantaş, C.; Cohen, A.; Özturk, Ö.; Palsberg, J. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2013)
      Compilers use software-controlled local memories to provide fast, predictable, and power-efficient access to critical data. We show that the local memory allocation for straight-line, or linearized programs is equivalent ...
    • Dynamic thread and data mapping for NoC based CMPs 

      Kandemir, M.; Öztürk, Özcan; Muralidhara, S. P. (IEEE, 2009-07)
      Thread mapping and data mapping are two important problems in the context of NoC (network-on-chip) based CMPs (chip multiprocessors). While a compiler can determine suitable mappings for data and threads, such static ...
    • Optimizing local memory allocation and assignment through a decoupled approach 

      Diouf, B.; Öztürk, Özcan; Cohen, A. (Springer, 2010-10)
      Software-controlled local memories (LMs) are widely used to provide fast, scalable, power efficient and predictable access to critical data. While many studies addressed LM management, keeping hot data in the LM continues ...