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    • Assisted living as a new place schema: a comparison with homes and nursing homes 

      Imamoğlu, Ç. (SAGE, 2007-03)
      This study examines how the new place type of assisted living is represented in terms of its visual and verbal attributes and in comparison with the well-established schemata of home and nursing homes. Ninety-eight respondents ...
    • Linking advertising, materialism, and life satisfaction 

      Sirgy, M. J.; Gurel-Atay E.; Webb, D.; Cicic, M.; Husic, M.; Ekici, A.; Herrmann, A.; Hegazy, I.; Lee, Dong-Jin; Johar, J. S. (Springer Netherlands, 2012)
      This paper develops theory related to advertising, materialism, and life satisfaction by formally testing explanations related to the antecedents and consequences of materialism. Survey data were collected from seven major ...
    • Recent developments in the Turkish economy 

      Togan, Sübidey; Gençkaya, Ö. F. (Deutsches Orient-Institut, 2017)
      During the past fifteen years of Justice and Development Party's (AKP) rule Turkey has experienced important gains in income and living standards. Over the period 2002-2016, the real per capita income has increased by ...