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    • Financial earthquakes, aftershocks and scaling in emerging stock markets 

      Selçuk, F. (Elsevier BV, 2004)
      This paper provides evidence for scaling laws in emerging stock markets. Estimated parameters using different definitions of volatility show that the empirical scaling law in every stock market is a power law. This power ...
    • Ionospheric total electron content estimation using IONOLAB method 

      Nayir, H.; Arıkan, F.; Erol, C. B.; Arıkan, Orhan (IEEE, 2007)
      Ionosphere which is an important atmospheric layer for HF and satellite communications, can be investigated through Total Electron Content (TEC). Global Positioning System provides cost-effective means for TEC estimation. ...
    • Optimal timing of project control points 

      Raz, T.; Erel, E. (Elsevier, 2000)
      The project control cycle consists of measuring the status of the project, comparing to the plan, analysis of the deviations, and implementing any appropriate corrective actions. We present an analytical framework for ...