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    • Laser action studies of π-conjugated polymer microcavities 

      Tülek, Abdullah; Vardeny, Z. V. (IEEE, 2008)
      Unidirectional laser emission was observed from φ-conjugated polymer microcavities with spiral geometry, and from microdisks containing line defects. For both type of cavities directionality contrast of the laser emission ...
    • Ultralow threshold laser action from toroidal polymer microcavity 

      Tulek, A.; Akbulut, D.; Bayındır, Mehmet (American Institute of Phycsics, 2009)
      We report laser action from a toroidal microcavity coated with π-conjugated polymer. An ultralow threshold value of ∼200 pJ/pulse is achieved by free space excitation in ambient conditions. This is the lowest threshold ...