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    • Query forwarding in geographically distributed search engines 

      Cambazoglu, B.B.; Varol, E.; Kayaaslan, E.; Aykanat, C.; Baeza-Yates, R. (2010)
      Query forwarding is an important technique for preserving the result quality in distributed search engines where the index is geographically partitioned over multiple search sites. The key component in query forwarding is ...
    • Utilization-based dynamic scheduling algorithm for wireless mesh networks 

      Kas, M.; Korpeoglu, I.; Karasan, E. (SpringerOpen, 2010-10)
      Channel access scheduling is one of the key components in the design of multihop wireless mesh networks (WMNs). This paper addresses the allocation/demand mismatch problem observed in oblivious WMN channel access scheduling ...