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    • Evaluation of NO2 column variations over the atmosphere of Kazakhstan using satellite data 

      Darynova, Z.; Maksot, A.; Kulmukanova, L.; Malekipirbazari, M.; Sharifi, H.; Torkmahalleh, M. A.; Holloway, T. (SPIE, 2018)
      Tropospheric NO2 concentrations obtained from the measurements of the Ozone Monitoring Instrument on board the NASA Aura satellite from 2005 to 2016 were studied to identify major NO2 emission hot spots, trends, and seasonal ...
    • Kazakhstan : transition to democracy? 

      Tokhtarbayev, Ozat (Bilkent University, 2001)
      Thıs thesis focuses on the Kazakhstani way of transition to democracy. After having analysed the history of Kazakhstan, the author examines social, national, political and state structures, political leaders and international ...
    • Kazakhstan and Central Asia: Regional perspectives 

      Zardykhan, Z. (2002)
      Today, Kazakhstan-as any of the Central Asian ex-Soviet states-is busy solving its domestic and economic problems. This facet of their interests and policy makes the present-day intra-Central Asian relations considerably ...