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    • Classification of leg motions by processing gyroscope signals 

      Tunçel, Orkun; Altun, Kerem; Barshan, Billur (IEEE, 2009)
      In this study, eight different leg motions are classified using two single-axis gyroscopes mounted on the right leg of a subject with the help of several pattern recognition techniques. The methods of least squares, Bayesian ...
    • Classifying human leg motions with uniaxial piezoelectric gyroscopes 

      Tunçel O.; Altun, K.; Barshan, B. (2009)
      This paper provides a comparative study on the different techniques of classifying human leg motions that are performed using two low-cost uniaxial piezoelectric gyroscopes worn on the leg. A number of feature sets, extracted ...
    • MUCKE participation at retrieving diverse social images task of MediaEval 2013 

      Armağan, Anıl; Popescu, A.; Duygulu, Pınar (CEUR-WS, 2013)
      The Mediaeval 2013 Retrieving Diverse Social Image Task addresses the challenge of improving both relevance and diversity of photos in a retrieval task on Flickr. We propose a clustering based technique that exploits both ...