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    • Interaction of design and operational parameters in periodic review kanban systems 

      Erhun, F.; Aktürk, M. S.; Türkcan, A. (Taylor & Francis, 2003)
      In this study, we propose an analytical model to determine the withdrawal cycle length, kanban sizes and number of kanbans simultaneously in a multi-item, multi-stage, multi-period, capacitated periodic review kanban system. ...
    • A new dominance rule for the total weighted tardiness problem 

      Aktürk, M. S.; Yıldırım, M. B. (Taylor & Francis, 1999)
      We present a new dominance rule for the single machine total weighted tardiness problem with job dependent penalties. The proposed dominance rule provides a sufficient condition for local optimality. We show that if any ...
    • An overview of design and operational issues of kanban systems 

      Aktürk, M. S.; Erhun, F. (Taylor & Francis, 1999)
      We present a literature review and classification of techniques to determine both the design parameters and kanban sequences for just-in-time manufacturing systems. We summarize the model structures, decision variables, ...