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    • Degree bounds for modular covariants 

      Elmer, J.; Sezer, Müfit (De Gruyter, 2020)
      Let V, W be representations of a cyclic group G of prime order p over a field k of characteristic p. The module of covariants k[V, W]G is the set of G-equivariant polynomial maps V → W, and is a module over k[V ]G. We give ...
    • Degree of reductivity of a modular representation 

      Kohls, M.; Sezer, M. (World Scientific Publishing, 2017)
      For a finite-dimensional representation V of a group G over a field F, the degree of reductivity δ(G,V) is the smallest degree d such that every nonzero fixed point υ ∈ VG/{0} can be separated from zero by a homogeneous ...
    • A note on the Hilbert ideals of a cyclic group of prime order 

      Sezer, M. (Academic Press, 2007)
      The Hilbert ideal is the ideal generated by positive degree invariant polynomials of a finite group. For a cyclic group of prime order p, we show that the image of the transfer lie in the ideal generated by invariants of ...