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    • Circulating LL37 targets plasma extracellular vesicles to immune cells and intensifies Behçet's disease severity 

      Kahraman, T.; Gucluler, G.; Simsek, I.; Yagci, F. C.; Yildirim, M.; Ozen, C.; Dinc, A.; Gursel, M.; Ikromzoda, L.; Sutlu, T.; Gay, S.; Gursel, I. (Taylor and Francis, 2017-02)
      Behçet's disease (BD) activity is characterised by sustained, over-exuberant immune activation, yet the underlying mechanisms leading to active BD state are poorly defined. Herein, we show that the human cathelicidin derived ...
    • Targeting IRE1 with small molecules counteracts progression of atherosclerosis 

      Tufanli, O.; Akillilar, P. T.; Acosta-Alvear, D.; Kocaturk, B.; Onat, U. I.; Hamid, S. M.; Çimen, I.; Walter, P.; Weber, C.; Erbay, E. (National Academy of Sciences, 2017-01)
      Metaflammation, an atypical, metabolically induced, chronic lowgrade inflammation, plays an important role in the development of obesity, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. An important primer for metaflammation is the persistent ...