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    • Discrete symmetries and nonlocal reductions 

      Gürses, Metin; Pekcan, A.; Zheltukhin, K. (Elsevier, 2020)
      We show that nonlocal reductions of systems of integrable nonlinear partial differential equations are the special discrete symmetry transformations.
    • The Hirota direct method 

      Pekcan, Aslı (Bilkent University, 2005)
      The search for integrability of nonlinear partial differential and difference equations includes the study on multi-soliton solutions. One of the most famous method to construct multi-soliton solutions is the Hirota ...
    • Integrable systems on regular time scales 

      Yantır, Burcu Silindir (Bilkent University, 2009)
      We present two approaches to unify the integrable systems. Both approaches are based on the classical R-matrix formalism. The first approach proceeds from the construction of (1 + 1)-dimensional integrable ∆-differential ...
    • On a transformation between hierarchies of integrable equations 

      Gürses, M.; Zheltukhin, K. (Elsevier BV * North-Holland, 2006)
      A transformation between a hierarchy of integrable equations arising from the standard R-matrix construction on the algebra of differential operators and a hierarchy of integrable equations arising from a deformation of ...
    • Zero curvature and Gel'fand-Dikii formalisms 

      Silindir, Burcu (Bilkent University, 2004)
      In soliton theory, integrable nonlinear partial differential equations play an important role. In that respect such differential equations create great interest in many research areas. There are several ways to obtain ...