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    • Design and implementation of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers for high power 

      Yamaner F.Y.; Olcum, S.; Bozkurt, A.; Köymen H.; Atalar, Abdullah (2011)
      Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs) have a strong potential to compete piezoelectric transducers in high power applications. In a CMUT, obtaining high port pressure competes with high particle velocity: ...
    • Kilometer-long ordered nanophotonic devices by preform-to-fiber fabrication 

      Bayindir, M.; Abouraddy, A.F.; Shapira O.; Viens J.; Saygin-Hinczewski, D.; Sorin, F.; Arnold, J.; Joannopoulos, J. D.; Fink, Y. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2006)
      A preform-to-flber approach to the fabrication of functional fiber-based devices by thermal drawing in the viscous state is presented. A macroscopic preform rod containing metallic, semiconducting, and insulating constituents ...
    • Towards multimaterial multifunctional fibres that see, hear, sense and communicate 

      Abouraddy, A. F.; Bayindir, M.; Benoit, G.; Hart, S. D.; Kuriki, K.; Orf, N.; Shapira, O.; Sorin, F.; Temelkuran, B.; Fink, Y. (Nature Publishing Group, 2007)
      Virtually all electronic and optoelectronic devices necessitate a challenging assembly of conducting, semiconducting and insulating materials into specific geometries with low-scattering interfaces and microscopic feature ...