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    • Autofocus of infrared cameras based on the cumulative probability of blur detection 

      Çakır, S.; Çetin, A. E. (IEEE Computer Society, 2014)
      The infrared (IR) cameras plays an important role in the measurement and analysis of object signature. However, especially the scientific IR cameras that are used for research and military purposes have manual focusing ...
    • Compressive sensing based flame detection in infrared videos 

      Günay O.; Enis Çetin, A. (2013)
      In this paper, a Compressive Sensing based feature extraction algorithm is proposed for flame detection using infrared cameras. First, bright and moving regions in videos are detected. Then the videos are divided into ...
    • A multi-sensor network for the protection of cultural heritage 

      Grammalidis, N.; Çetin, E.; Dimitropoulos, K.; Tsalakanidou F.; Kose, K.; Gunay O.; Gouverneur, B.; Torri, D.; Kuruoglu, E.; Tozzi, S.; Benazza, A.; Chaabane F.; Kosucu, B.; Ersoy, C. (2011)
      The paper presents a novel automatic early warning system to remotely monitor areas of archaeological and cultural interest from the risk of fire. Since these areas have been treasured and tended for very long periods of ...