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    • Crescent marketing, Muslim geographies and brand Islam: Reflections from the JIMA Senior Advisory Board 

      Wilson, Jonathan A.J.; Belk, Russell W.; Bamossy, Gary J.; Sandıkcı, Özlem; Kartajaya, Hermawan; Sobh, Rana; Liu, Jonathan; Scott, Linda (2013)
      Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to bring together the thoughts and opinions of key members of the Journal of Islamic Marketing's (JIMA) Editorial Team, regarding the recently branded phenomenon of Islamic marketing ...
    • The effects of Japanese economic performance on Indonesia 

      Berument, Hakan; Ceylan, N. B.; Vural, B. (Routledge, 2006)
      This paper assesses how Japanese economic performance affects the Indonesian economy for the 1988 to 2004 period. The empirical evidence provided here suggests that Japanese growth appreciates the local currency in real ...
    • Social networks and credit access in Indonesia 

      Okten, C.; Osili, U. O. (Pergamon Press, 2004)
      In this paper, we investigate how family and community networks affect an individual's access to credit institutions using new data from the Indonesia Family Life Surveys. Our theoretical framework emphasizes the family ...