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    • Electrical conduction properties of Si δ-doped GaAs grown by MBE 

      Yildiz, A.; Lisesivdin, S.B.; Altuntas H.; Kasap, M.; Ozcelik, S. (2009)
      The temperature dependent Hall effect and resistivity measurements of Si δ-doped GaAs are performed in a temperature range of 25-300 K. The temperature dependence of carrier concentration shows a characteristic minimum at ...
    • Hall conductance in graphene with point defects 

      İslamoǧlu, S.; Oktel, M. Ö.; Gülseren, O. (2013)
      We investigate the Hall conductance of graphene with point defects within the Kubo formalism, which allows us to calculate the Hall conductance without constraining the Fermi energy to lie in a gap. For pure graphene, which ...