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    • Metamaterials with negative permeability and negative refractive index: Experiments and simulations 

      Ozbay, E.; Guven, K.; Aydin, K. (Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd., 2007)
      We report the transmission characteristics of split-ring resonator and left-handed metamaterials (LHM) in the microwave frequency regime. A left-handed transmission band is observed at the frequencies where both dielectric ...
    • Model based anticontrol of chaos 

      Morgül, Ö. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2003)
      We will consider model based anticontrol of chaotic systems. We consider both continuous and discrete time cases. We first assume that the systems to be controlled are linear and time invariant. Under controllability ...
    • Verification of impedance matching at the surface of left-handed materials 

      Aydın, K.; Bulu, I.; Özbay, E. (Wiley, 2006)
      Impedance matching at the surface of left-handed materials (LHM) is required for certain applications including a perfect lens. In this study, we present the experimental and theoretical verification of an impedance-matched ...