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    • Electron initiated impact ionization in AlGaN alloys 

      Bulutay, C. (Institute of Physics, 2002)
      Detailed impact ionization (II) analysis of electrons is presented for AlGaN alloys as a vital resource for solar-blind avalanche photodiode and high power transistor applications. Necessary ingredients for the II ...
    • Elements of nanocrystal high-field carrier transport modeling 

      Sevik, Cem; Bulutay, Ceyhun (Wiley, 2007)
      Embedded semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs) within wide bandgap oxide materials are being considered for light emission and solar cell applications. One of the fundamental issues is the high-field transport in NCs. This ...
    • Gunn oscillations in GaN channels 

      Sevik, Cem; Bulutay, Ceyhun (IOP, 2004)
      Gallium nitride with its high negative differential mobility threshold is an appealing material for high power millimetre-wave oscillators as a Gunn diode. By means of extensive ensemble Monte Carlo simulations, the dynamics ...