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    • Mutations in RAD21 disrupt regulation of apob in patients with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction 

      Bonora, E.; Bianco, F.; Cordeddu, L.; Bamshad, M.; Francescatto, L.; Dowless, D.; Stanghellini, V.; Cogliandro, R. F.; Lindberg, G.; Mungan, Z.; Cefle, K.; Ozcelik, T.; Palanduz, S.; Ozturk, S.; Gedikbasi, A.; Gori, A.; Pippucci, T.; Graziano, C.; Volta, U.; Caio, G.; Barbara, G.; D'Amato, M.; Seri, M.; Katsanis, N.; Romeo, G.; De Giorgio, R. (W.B. Saunders, 2015)
      Background Aims Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CIPO) is characterized by severe intestinal dysmotility that mimics a mechanical subocclusion with no evidence of gut obstruction. We searched for genetic variants ...
    • The prosurvival IKK-related kinase IKKϵ integrates LPS and IL17A signaling cascades to promote Wnt-dependent tumor development in the intestine 

      Göktuna, S. I.; Shostak, K.; Chau, T.-L.; Heukamp, L.C.; Hennuy, B.; Duong, H.-Q.; Ladang, A.; Close, P.; Klevernic, I.; Olivier, F.; Florin, A.; Ehx, G.; Baron, F.; Vandereyken, M.; Rahmouni, S.; Vereecke, L.; Loo, G. V.; Büttner, R.; Greten, F. R.; Chariot, A. (American Association for Cancer Research, 2016-05)
      Constitutive Wnt signaling promotes intestinal cell proliferation, but signals from the tumor microenvironment are also required to support cancer development. The role that signaling proteins play to establish a tumor ...