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    • Novel methods in image halftoning 

      Bozkurt, Gözde (Bilkent University, 1998)
      Halftoning refers to the problem of rendering continuous-tone (contone) images on display and printing devices which are capable of reproducing only a limited number of colors. A new adaptive halftoning method using the ...
    • Parallel image restoration using surrogate constraint methods 

      Uçar, B.; Aykanat, C.; Pınar, M. Ç.; Malas, T. (Academic Press, 2007)
      When formulated as a system of linear inequalities, the image restoration problem yields huge, unstructured, sparse matrices even for images of small size. To solve the image restoration problem, we use the surrogate ...
    • Restoration of space-variant global blurs caused by severe camera movements and coordinate distortions 

      Özaktaş, H.; Pınar, M. Ç.; Akgül, M. (IOP Science, 1998)
      We show that a broad class of image recovery problems where an object undergoing an arbitrary two-dimensional, time- and space-variant, non-separable, nonlinear global coordinate distortion, is imaged for a certain duration, ...