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    • Color graphs for automated cancer diagnosis and grading 

      Altunbay, D.; Cigir, C.; Sokmensuer, C.; Gunduz Demir, C. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010-03)
      This paper reports a new structural method to mathematically represent and quantify a tissue for the purpose of automated and objective cancer diagnosis and grading. Unlike the previous structural methods, which quantify ...
    • Image classification using subgraph histogram representation 

      Özdemir, Bahadır; Aksoy, Selim (IEEE, 2010)
      We describe an image representation that combines the representational power of graphs with the efficiency of the bag-of-words model. For each image in a data set, first, a graph is constructed from local patches of interest ...
    • Mining of remote sensing image archives using spatial relationship histograms 

      Kalaycılar, Fırat; Kale, Aslı; Zamalieva, Daniya; Aksoy, Selim (IEEE, 2008-07)
      We describe a new image representation using spatial relationship histograms that extend our earlier work on modeling image content using attributed relational graphs. These histograms are constructed by classifying the ...