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    • Flame detection system based on wavelet analysis of PIR sensor signals with an HMM decision mechanism 

      Ug̃ur Töreyin, B.; Soyer, E. Birey; Urfaliog̃lu, Onay; Çetin, A. Enis (IEEE, 2008-08)
      In this paper, a flame detection system based on a pyroelectric (or passive) infrared (PIR) sensor is described. The flame detection system can be used for fire detection in large rooms. The flame flicker process of an ...
    • R.E. Kalman: A great human being 

      Özgüler, A.B. (2010)
      I came to know about Prof. Kalman through a Turkish post-doc of his during my M.Sc. studies at Middle East Technical University. When I learned that I was accepted to carry on my doctoral studies under his supervision, I ...
    • Use of intuitive tools to enhance student learning and user experience 

      Altın, Rukiye; Bektik, Mustafa; Ekşioǧlu, Nuray; Koray, Can; Öner, Ömer Canbek; Sadetaş, Merve; Şener, Hilal; Şimşek, D.; Ma, C. C.; Price, C.; Routh, C. R. (ACM, 2009)
      Most user interfaces today present system functions by use of verbal or iconic symbols on static 2D menu pages organized in a hierarchical system [1]. This is unnatural to all human beings and must be learned, thus being ...