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    • Color holographic reconstruction using multiple SLMs and LED illumination 

      Yaraş, Fahri; Onural, Levent (SPIE, 2009-01)
      A color holographic reconstruction technique by using three light emitting diodes (LEDs) is described. Reflective type phase-only spatial light modulators (SLMs) are used since they are suitable for in-line phase holograms. ...
    • Holograms deep inside Silicon 

      Makey, Ghaith; Tokel, Onur; Turnalı, Ahmet; Pavlov, Ihor; Elahi, Parviz; Yavuz, Ozg ¨ un; İlday, F. Ömer (Optical Society of America, 2016)
      Through the Nonlinear Laser Lithography method, we demonstrate the first computer generated holograms fabricated deep inside Silicon. Fourier and Fresnel holograms are fabricated buried inside Si wafers, and a generation ...
    • Infrared digital holography applications for virtual museums and diagnostics of cultural heritage 

      Paturzo, M.; Pelagotti, A.; Geltrude, A.; Locatelli, M.; Poggi P.; Meucci, R.; Ferraro P.; Stoykova, E.; Yaraş F.; Yöntem, A. Özgür; Kang H.; Onural, Levent (SPIE, 2011)
      Infrared digital holograms of different statuettes are acquired. For each object, a sequence of holograms is recorded rotating the statuette with an angular step of few degrees. The holograms of the moving objects are used ...
    • Method to enlarge the hologram viewing window using a mirror module 

      Kang H.; Ohmura, N.; Yamaguchi, T.; Yoshikawa H.; Kim, S.-C.; Kim, E.-S. (2009)
      A liquid crystal panel for a video projector is often used for holographic television. However, its pixel size and pixel number are not enough for practical holographic 3-D display. Therefore, a multipanel configuration ...
    • Multi-SLM holographic display system with planar configuration 

      Yaraş, Fahri; Kang, Hoonjong; Onural, Levent (IEEE, 2010)
      Holographic display system that uses six phase-only spatial light modulators (SLMs) performs holographic reconstructions from the phase-hologram of a point cloud that is extracted from 3D object. The SLMs are tiled as a ...
    • Optical reconstruction of transparent objects with phase-only SLMs 

      Stoykova, E.; Yaraş F.; Yontem, A.Ö.; Kang H.; Onural L.; Hamel P.; Delacrétaz, Y.; Bergoënd I.; Arfire, C.; Depeursinge, C. (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2013)
      Three approaches for visualization of transparent micro-objects from holographic data using phase-only SLMs are described. The objects are silicon micro-lenses captured in the near infrared by means of digital holographic ...
    • Processing of optically-captured digital holograms for three-dimensional display 

      Naughton, T.J.; Kreis, T.; Onural, Levent; Ferraro, P.; Depeursinge, C.; Emery, Y.; Hennelly, B. M.; Kujawiñska, M. (2009-04)
      In digital holography, holograms are usually optically captured and then two-dimensional slices of the reconstruction volume are reconstructed by computer and displayed on a two-dimensional display. When the recording is ...
    • Real-time fringe pattern generation with high quality 

      Kang, Hoonjong; Yaraş, Fahri; Onural, Levent; Yoshikawa, H. (OSA, 2009)
      A hologram computation procedure and its GPU implementation are presented. The procedure is based on partitioning. Each segment has an approximate but simpler frequency domain representation. Quality of the results is ...
    • Real-time multiple SLM color holographic display using multiple GPU acceleration 

      Yaraş, Fahri; Kang, Hoonjong; Onural, Levent (OSA, 2009)
      A real-time color holographic video display system computes holograms from point cloud of a rigid object by using multi-GPU system and uses three different colored LEDs for reconstruction. Experimental results are satisfactory.
    • Reconstruction of computer generated holograms by spatial light modulators 

      Kovachev, Metodi; İlieva, Rossitza; Onural, Levent; Esmer, Gökhan Bora; Reyhan, Tarık; Benzie, P.; Watson, J.; Mitev, E. (Springer, 2006)
      Computer generated holograms generated by using three different numerical techniques are reconstructed optically by spatial light modulators. Liquid crystal spatial light modulators (SLM) on transmission and on reflection ...
    • Thereconstruction quality improvement of holographic stereograms via variable size segmentation 

      Şahin, Erdem; Onural, Levent; Kang, Hoonjong (IEEE, 2010)
      As computer generated holograms becomes more common, the fast computation of holographic interference patterns in digital environment becomes a necessity. Since the computation time of holograms via Fresnel (or ...
    • Two-photon excitation of quantum dots in 3D via stacked fresnel hologram algorithm 

      Kesim, Denizhan Koray; Makey, Ghaith; Yavuz, Özgün; Tokel, Onur; İlday, Fatih Ömer (OSA, 2017)
      Quantum dots are engineered to have nanometers dimensions. The ability to specify the diameter and the material of the quantum dots allow us tune the absorption and emission properties. This results in extensive capabilities ...