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    • Multi-armed bandit algorithms for communication networks and healthcare 

      Demirel, İlker (Bilkent University, 2022-06)
      Multi-armed bandits (MAB) is a well-established sequential decision-making framework. While the simplest MAB framework is useful in modeling a wide range of real-world applications ranging from adaptive clinical trial ...
    • A qualitative analysis of Turkish stakeholders perspective for improving medical tourism 

      Collins, Ayşe; Medhekar, A.; Göknil Şanal, Z. (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2022-06)
      This qualitative study explores from Turkish medical tourism stakeholders' perspective the supply-side driving factors for improving medical tourism services in Turkey and provides positive healthcare experience to medical ...
    • Whole genome sequencing: revolutionary medicine or privacy nightmare? 

      Ayday, E.; Cristofaro, Emiliano De; Hubaux, Jean-Pierre; Tsudik, G. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2015)
      Whole genome sequencing will soon become affordable for many individuals, but thorny privacy and ethical issues could jeopardize its popularity and thwart the large-scale adoption of genomics in healthcare and slow potential ...