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    • Hartree-Fock approximation of bipolaron state in quantum dots and wires 

      Senger, R. T.; Kozal, B.; Chatterjee, A.; Erçelebi, A. (Springer, 2010)
      The bipolaronic ground state of two electrons in a spherical quantum dot or a quantum wire with parabolic boundaries is studied in the strong electron-phonon coupling regime. We introduce a variational wave function that ...
    • Phase diagram and dynamics of Rydberg-dressed fermions in two dimensions 

      Khasseh, R.; Abedinpour, S. H.; Tanatar, Bilal (American Physical Society, 2017)
      We investigate the ground-state properties and the collective modes of a two-dimensional two-component Rydberg-dressed Fermi liquid in the dipole-blockade regime. We find instability of the homogeneous system toward ...