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    • Band alignment issues in metal/dielectric stacks: a combined photoemission and inverse photoemission study of the HfO 2/Pt and HfO 2/Hf systems 

      Sayan, S.; Bartynski, R.A.; Robertson J.; Suehle, J. S.; Vogel, E.; Nguyen, N. V.; Ehrstein, J.; Kopanski, J. J.; Süzer, Şefik; Holl, M. B.; Garfunkel, E. (Electrochemical Society, 2004)
      We have studied the HfO 2/Hf and HfO 2/Pt systems by photoemission and inverse photoemission spectroscopies. It is found that the "effective workfunction" of metals in multilayer structures are different than their vacuum ...
    • Soft x-ray photoemission studies of Hf oxidation 

      Süzer, Şefik; Sayan, S.; Banaszak Holl, M. M.; Garfunkel, E.; Hussain, Z.; Hamdan, N. M. (A I P Publishing LLC, 2003)
      Charging of oxide films under x rays is an important issue that must be taken into consideration for determination of core-level binding energies as well as valence band offsets. Measurements are taken as a function of ...