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    • Gunn oscillations in GaN channels 

      Sevik, Cem; Bulutay, Ceyhun (IOP, 2004)
      Gallium nitride with its high negative differential mobility threshold is an appealing material for high power millimetre-wave oscillators as a Gunn diode. By means of extensive ensemble Monte Carlo simulations, the dynamics ...
    • Harmonic enhancement of Gunn oscillations in GaN 

      Sevik, Cem; Yılmaz, Dündar E.; Bulutay, Ceyhun (American Institute of Physics, 2005)
      High field transport in wide bandgap semiconductors like GaN is of great technological importance. The negative differential mobility regime at high fields, under suitable conditions, can lead to millimeter-wave Gunn ...
    • High field transport phenomena in wide bandgap semiconductors 

      Sevik, Cem (Bilkent University, 2003)
      The Ensemble Monte Carlo (EMC) method is widely used in the field of computational electronics related to the simulation of the state of the art devices. Using this technique our specific intention is to scrutinize the ...