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    • Anisotropic electronic, mechanical, and optical properties of monolayer WTe2 

      Torun, E.; Sahin, H.; Cahangirov, S.; Rubio, A.; Peeters, F. M. (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2016)
      Using first-principles calculations, we investigate the electronic, mechanical, and optical properties of monolayer WTe2. Atomic structure and ground state properties of monolayer WTe2 (Td phase) are anisotropic which are ...
    • Characterization of platinum nitride from first-principles calculations 

      Yıldız, A.; Akıncı, Ü.; Gülseren, O.; Sökmen, İ. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2009)
      We have performed a systematic study of the ground state properties of the zinc-blende, rock-salt, tetragonal, cuprite, fluorite and pyrite phases of platinum nitride by using the plane wave pseudopotential calculations ...
    • Phase diagram and dynamics of Rydberg-dressed fermions in two dimensions 

      Khasseh, R.; Abedinpour, S. H.; Tanatar, Bilal (American Physical Society, 2017)
      We investigate the ground-state properties and the collective modes of a two-dimensional two-component Rydberg-dressed Fermi liquid in the dipole-blockade regime. We find instability of the homogeneous system toward ...