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    • Genetic relationship of wild einkorn based on geographical distribution in Anatolia and Thrace using AFLP markers 

      Uz, Elif; Yildirim-Ersoy F.; Hakki, E.E.; Akkaya, M.S. (2009)
      Triticum monococcum L. ssp boeoticum Boiss., is the wild progenitor of domesticated einkorn. High throughput AFLP genetic analysis showed that the domestication of einkorn started in the northern part of the Fertile Crescent, ...
    • Rates and patterns of great ape retrotransposition 

      Hormozdiari, F.; Konkel, M. K.; Prado-Martinez, J.; Chiatante, G.; Herraez, I. H.; Walker, J. A.; Nelson, B.; Alkan, C.; Sudmant, P. H.; Huddleston, J.; Catacchio, C. R.; Ko, A.; Malig, M.; Baker, C.; Marques-Bonet, T.; Ventura, M.; Batzer, M. A.; Eichler, E. E. (National Academy of Sciences, 2013)
      We analyzed 83 fully sequenced great ape genomes for mobile element insertions, predicting a total of 49,452 fixed and polymorphic Alu and long interspersed element 1 (L1) insertions not present in the human reference ...