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    • Biosystems engineering of prokaryotes with tumor-killing capacities 

      Kalyoncu, E.; Olmez, T. T.; Ozkan, A. D.; Sarioglu, O. F. (Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., 2016)
      Certain bacteria selectively attack tumor tissues and trigger tumor shrinkage by producing toxins and modulating the local immune system, but their clinical utility is limited because of the dangers posed by systemic ...
    • Chaotic behavior of gas bubble in non-Newtonian fluid: A numerical study 

      Behnia, S.; Mobadersani F.; Yahyavi, M.; Rezavand, A. (2013)
      In the present paper, the nonlinear behavior of bubble growth under the excitation of an acoustic pressure pulse in non-Newtonian fluid domain has been investigated. Due to the importance of the bubble in the medical ...
    • Effect of magnetic field on the radial pulsations of a gas bubble in a non-Newtonian fluid 

      Behnia, S.; Mobadersani F.; Yahyavi, M.; Rezavand, A.; Hoesinpour, N.; Ezzat, A. (Elsevier Ltd, 2015)
      Dynamics of acoustically driven bubbles' radial oscillations in viscoelastic fluids are known as complex and uncontrollable phenomenon indicative of highly active nonlinear as well as chaotic behavior. In the present paper, ...