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    • MicroRNA-519a is a novel oncomir conferring tamoxifen resistance by targeting a network of tumour-suppressor genes in ER+ breast cancer 

      Ward, A.; Shukla, K.; Balwierz, A.; Soons, Z.; König, R.; Sahin, O.; Wiemann, S. (John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2014)
      Tamoxifen is an endocrine therapy which is administered to up to 70% of all breast cancer patients with oestrogen receptor alpha (ERα) expression. Despite the initial response, most patients eventually acquire resistance ...
    • Regulation of Homer and group I metabotropic glutamate receptors by nicotine 

      Kane, J. K.; Hwang, Y.; Konu, O.; Loughlin, S. E.; Leslie, F. M.; Li, M. D. (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2005)
      The present study focuses on the nicotine-induced modulation of mRNA and protein expression of a number of genes involved in glutamatergic synaptic transmission in rat brain over different time periods of exposure. A ...
    • The systems biology graphical notation 

      Le Novère, N.; Hucka, M.; Mi, H.; Moodie, S.; Schreiber, F.; Sorokin, A.; Demir, E.; Wegner, K.; Aladjem, M. I.; Wimalaratne, S. M.; Bergman, F. T.; Gauges, R.; Ghazal, P.; Kawaji, H.; Li, L.; Matsuoka, Y.; Villéger, A.; Boyd, S. E.; Calzone, L.; Courtot, M.; Dogrusoz, U.; Freeman, T. C.; Funahashi, A.; Ghosh, S.; Jouraku, A.; Kim, S.; Kolpakov, F.; Luna, A.; Sahle, S.; Schmidt, E.; Watterson, S.; Wu, G.; Goryanin, I.; Kell, D. B.; Sander, C.; Sauro, H.; Snoep, J. L.; Kohn, K.; Kitano, H. (Nature Publishing Group, 2009-08)
      Circuit diagrams and Unified Modeling Language diagrams are just two examples of standard visual languages that help accelerate work by promoting regularity, removing ambiguity and enabling software tool support for ...