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    • Construction of gender and national identity in Turkey: images of the first lady in the Turkish media (2002-7) 

      Cinar, M. U. (Routledge, 2014)
      This article analyses the conception of womanhood and nationhood in Turkey through images of the First Lady in the media. It demonstrates that while there is a struggle between the secularist and Islamist media on issues ...
    • Gender roles and the education gender gap in Turkey 

      Caner, A.; Guven, C.; Okten, C.; Sakalli, S. O. (Springer, 2016)
      Using nationally representative data on individual subjective views on gender roles, we examine the gender gap in educational achievement in Turkey and show that the cultural bias against the education of girls is a ...
    • Spectral returns of domesticity 

      Baydar, G. (SAGE, 2003)
      This is a study of the link between the house and the city, based on a close reading of three historical statements from Western urban theory by Leone Batisti Alberti, Le Corbusier, and Paul Virilio. Sexualized metaphors ...