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    • Analysis of a decentralized supply chain under partial cooperation 

      Güllü, R.; Van Houtum G. J.; Sargut F. Z.; Erkip, N. (2005)
      In this article, we analyze a decentralized supply chain consisting of a supplier and two independent retailers. In each order cycle, retailers place their orders at the supplier to minimize inventory-related expected costs ...
    • Green location and routing problems with conventional vehicles and drones 

      Dükkancı, Okan (Bilkent University, 2019-05)
      Green Location and Routing Problems extend the network design problems that consider location and routing decisions by explicitly accounting environmental impacts such as CO2 emissions caused by fuel or energy consumption ...
    • Understanding and predicting trends in urban freight transport 

      Mrazovic, P.; Eravci, Bahaeddin; Larriba-Pey, J. L.; Ferhatosmanoğlu, Hakan; Matskin, M. (IEEE, 2017-05-06)
      Among different components of urban mobility, urban freight transport is usually considered as the least sustainable. Limited traffic infrastructures and increasing demands in dense urban regions lead to frequent delivery ...