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    • Complementarities and the existence of Strong Berge equilibrium 

      Keskin, K.; Sağlam, Ç. (EDP Sciences, 2014)
      This paper studies the existence and the order structure of strong Berge equilibrium, a refinement of Nash equilibrium, for games with strategic complementarities a la strong Berge. It is shown that the equilibrium set is ...
    • General complementarities on complete partial orders 

      Keskin, K.; Sağlam, H. Ç.; Turan, A. (Springer International Publishing, 2014)
      This paper proves the existence of a Nash equilibrium for extended (semi-) uniform g-modular games, i.e., non-cooperative games where the strategy space is a complete partially ordered set, and the best reply correspondence ...
    • On the existence of berge equilibrium: an order theoretic approach 

      Keskin, K.; Sağlam, H. Ç. (World Scientific Publishing, 2015)
      We propose lattice-theoretical methods to analyze the existence and the order structure of Berge equilibria (in the sense of Zhukovskii) in noncooperative games. We introduce Berge-modular games, and prove that the set of ...