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    • Efficient result caching mechanisms in search engines 

      Sazoğlu, Fethi Burak (Bilkent University, 2014)
      The performance of a search engine depends on its components such as crawler, indexer and processor. The query latency, accuracy and recency of the results play crucial role in determining the performance. High performance ...
    • A financial cost metric for result caching 

      Sazoğlu, Fethi Burak; Cambazoğlu, B. B.; Özcan, R.; Altıngövde, I. S.; Ulusoy, Özgür (ACM, 2013-07-08)
      Web search engines cache results of frequent and/or recent queries. Result caching strategies can be evaluated using different metrics, hit rate being the most well-known. Recent works take the processing overhead of queries ...