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    • Learning feature-projection based classifiers 

      Dayanik, A. (Pergamon Press, 2012-03)
      This paper aims at designing better performing feature-projection based classification algorithms and presents two new such algorithms. These algorithms are batch supervised learning algorithms and represent induced ...
    • Regression by selecting best feature(s) 

      Aydın, Tolga (Bilkent University, 2000)
      Two new machine learning methods, Regression by Selecting Best Feature Projections (RSBFP) and Regression by Selecting Best Features (RSBF), are presented for regression problems. These methods heavily make use of least ...
    • Voting features based classifier with feature construction and its application to predicting financial distress 

      Güvenir, H. A.; Çakır, M. (Pergamon Press, 2010)
      Voting features based classifiers, shortly VFC, have been shown to perform well on most real-world data sets. They are robust to irrelevant features and missing feature values. In this paper, we introduce an extension to ...