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    • The method of analytical regularization in the electromagnetic wave scattering by thin disks 

      Balaban, M. V.; Nosich, A. I.; Altıntaş, Ayhan; Benson, T. M. (Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2007)
      We consider the problem of diffraction of an arbitrary electromagnetic wave by a thin disk made from different materials and located in free space. Here we imply a zero- thickness perfectly electrically conducting (PEC) ...
    • Plasmonic nanoslit array enhanced metal-semiconductor-metal optical detectors 

      Eryilmaz, S. B.; Tidin, O.; Okyay, Ali Kemal (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2012-01-09)
      Metallic nanoslit arrays integrated on germanium metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors show many folds of absorption enhancement for transverse-magnetic polarization in the telecommunication C-band. Such high enhancement ...