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    • An ecocritical analysis of human–others and nature–others in popular animated fantasy series 

      Altıok, Revna (Bilkent University, 2021-09)
      This thesis examines the representations of human-Others and nature-Others in popular animated fantasy series from an ecocritical perspective, and with an ecofeminist approach. The five animated series this thesis investigates, ...
    • Esat Mahmut Karakurt`un roman(s)larında erkek kahramanlar 

      Bozkurt, Senem Timuroğlu (Bilkent University, 2006)
      Esat Mahmut Karakurt (1902-1977) was an influential writer of Turkish literature in the Republican period, especially with his romance, adventure, and spy narratives that reached a large female audience. After he published ...
    • Fantasy films as a postmodern phenomenon 

      Değim, İclal Alev (Bilkent University, 2011)
      The aim of this research is to analyze the fantasy fiction genre films as a postmodern phenomenon. With various ways of looking into the texts, the study focuses on the narrative structure of the fantasy formations with ...
    • A Monster Calls 

      Ness, Patrick (2014-09-25)
    • Orientalism in the Victorian Era 

      Kennedy, Valerie (Oxford University Press, 2017)
      Orientalism in the Victorian era has origins in three aspects of 18th-century European and British culture: first, the fascination with The Arabian Nights (translated into French by Antoine Galland in 1704), which was one ...
    • Shovels and swords: how realistic and fantastical themes affect children's word learning 

      Weisberg, D. S.; Ilgaz, H.; Hirsh-Pasek, K.; Golinkoff, R. M.; Nicolopoulou, A.; Dickinson, D. K. (Elsevier, 2015)
      Research has shown that storybooks and play sessions help preschool children learn vocabulary, thereby benefiting their language and school readiness skills. But the kind of content that leads to optimal vocabulary learning ...