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    • FAME: Face association through model evolution 

      Gölge, Eren; Duygulu, Pınar (IEEE, 2015-06)
      We attack the problem of building classifiers for public faces from web images collected through querying a name. The search results are very noisy even after face detection, with several irrelevant faces corresponding to ...
    • Looking through the printmaking : site specific screenprint 

      Özmenoğlu, Ardan (Bilkent University, 2006)
      The aim of this study is to explore the possibilities of how the surface of the background affects the foreground, which is the image of my face. When viewing an image produced by the printmaking process it can be seen ...
    • Recognizing faces in news photographs on the web 

      Zitouni, Hilal; Bulut, Muhammed Fatih; Duygulu, Pınar (IEEE, 2009-09)
      We propose a graph based method in order to recognize the faces that appear on the web using a small training set. First, relevant pictures of the desired people are collected by querying the name in a text based search ...