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    • Broadband optical transparency in plasmonic nanocomposite polymer films via exciton-plasmon energy transfer 

      Dhama R.; Rashed, A. R.; Caligiuri V.; El Kabbash M.; Strangi, G.; De Luca A. (OSA - The Optical Society, 2016)
      Inherent absorptive losses affect the performance of all plasmonic devices, limiting their fascinating applications in the visible range. Here, we report on the enhanced optical transparency obtained as a result of the ...
    • Nonadditivity of critical Casimir forces 

      Callegari, Agnese; Paladugu, Sathyanarayana; Tuna, Yazgan; Barth, Lukas; Dietrich, S.; Gambassi, A.; Volpe, Giovanni (OSA, 2017)
      We provide the first experimental evidence of nonadditivity for critical Casimir forces: the force that two colloidal particles exert together on a third one differs from the sum of the forces they exert separately.
    • Process variation aware thread mapping for chip multiprocessors 

      Hong, S.; Narayanan, S. H. K.; Kandemir, M.; Özturk, Özcan (IEEE, 2009-04)
      With the increasing scaling of manufacturing technology, process variation is a phenomenon that has become more prevalent. As a result, in the context of Chip Multiprocessors (CMPs) for example, it is possible that ...
    • Searching for complex human activities with no visual examples 

      Ikizler, N.; Forsyth, D.A. (2008)
      We describe a method of representing human activities that allows a collection of motions to be queried without examples, using a simple and effective query language. Our approach is based on units of activity at segments ...