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    • Capture, processing, and display of real-world 3D objects using digital holography 

      Naughton, T.J.; Falldorf, C.; Onural, Levent; Ferraro P.; Depeursinge, C.; Krueger, S.; Emery, Y.; Hennelly, B.M.; Kujawifiska, M. (IEEE, 2010)
      "Digital holography for 3D and 4D real-world objects' capture, processing, and display" (acronym "Real 3D") is a research project funded under the Information and Communication Technologies theme of the European Commission's ...
    • Framing an EU level regularization mechanism: mission impossible? 

      Bilgic, A. (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2013)
      European Union Member States have so far tackled the problem of irregular migration in Europe by adopting common policies which aim to prevent irregular arrivals on the EU borders. In their EU-level policies, they have ...
    • Globalisation and/or Europeanisation? the case of flexicurity 

      Tsarouhas, D.; Ladi, S. (Routledge, 2013)
      The relationship between globalisation and Europeanisation is conventionally studied by focusing on the domestic level. In this article we explore this relationship at the international level instead. We examine the way ...
    • Processing of optically-captured digital holograms for three-dimensional display 

      Naughton, T.J.; Kreis, T.; Onural, Levent; Ferraro, P.; Depeursinge, C.; Emery, Y.; Hennelly, B. M.; Kujawiñska, M. (2009-04)
      In digital holography, holograms are usually optically captured and then two-dimensional slices of the reconstruction volume are reconstructed by computer and displayed on a two-dimensional display. When the recording is ...
    • Turkey and EU energy security: the pipeline connection 

      Tekin, A.; Williams, P. A. (Department of Political Science, CEU, 2009)
      [No abstract available]