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    • Essential cohomology and relative cohomology of finite groups 

      Aksu, Fatma Altunbulak (Bilkent University, 2009)
      In this thesis, we study mod-p essential cohomology of finite p-groups. One of the most important problems on essential cohomology of finite p-groups is finding a group theoretic characterization of p-groups whose essential ...
    • A note on Serre ' s theorem in group cohomology 

      Yalçin, E. (American Mathematical Society, 2008)
      In 1987, Serre proved that if G is a p-group which is not elementary abelian, then a product of Bocksteins of one dimensional classes is zero in the mod p cohomology algebra of G, provided that the product includes at least ...
    • On nilpotent ideals in the cohomology ring of a finite group 

      Pakianathan, J.; Yalçin, E. (2003)
      In this paper we find upper bounds for the nilpotency degree of some ideals in the cohomology ring of a finite group by studying fixed point free actions of the group on suitable spaces. The ideals we study are the kernels ...